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Over the next decade, software jobs are predicted to grow at over 3x the rate of all other occupations. Software is indeed still eating the world. This growing demand for software talent creates an amazing opportunity to drive value for both software professionals and hiring companies. That value creation is what Nexza is all about. From engineers to project managers, Nexza helps software professionals find incredible career opportunities.

Our Culture

At Nexza, our Operating Principles comprise our True North. They guide and constrain our actions to ensure we remain on the intended course. While there is no magic set of principles that work for all companies, here are the ones that work for us:


When you are taking bold steps to drive meaningful change, pessimism is your enemy. We choose to nurture optimism.


We believe that people make better decisions when they have all of the information. Seems pretty obvious, doesn't it?


Team > Self


The day you quit exploring new topics is the day you decide to no longer pursue your full potential.


In a world full of endless distractions, the ability to focus is a super power.

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