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What is Nexza?

Nexza was created to help software professionals find great full-time or contract employment opportunities. Candidates ranging from software engineers to project managers use Nexza to engage with potential employers.

Once you publish your software team profile, Nexza will immediately start matching you to potential candidates. Also, candidates can initiate engagement with your team by simply clicking on the "I'm Interested" button on your team profile.

In which countries and cities is Nexza currently available?

Nexza was launched in Atlanta, GA but we are rapidly expanding the platform to cities across the United States. Over time, we will roll out Nexza across the globe.

How do I create a software team profile on Nexza?

Before creating a new team profile, you should first check to see if your company already has a profile on Nexza. We may have created an initial profile for you using images and text from your website. To see if your company has a profile, simply go to the Search Teams section of the site and search for your company name. If your company already exists, click on the "Help your team improve this profile." link. You can join any other members of your company who are building out your profile and engaging with candidates.

If you do not find a profile for your company via the Search Teams page, you first need to . The new account process will ask you for information related to your company and software team. Once your new account is approved by the Nexza onboarding group, you will be able to customize your team profile.

My company has several different software teams. Can we create a profile on Nexza for each team?

Yes. Many companies have multiple software teams and those teams likely use somewhat different technology and processes. Rather than have a single profile for your entire company, Nexza allows you to create a profile for each distinct software team within the organization. Nexza's versatile approach enables each team to accurately express itself in terms of tools, practices, personnel, and culture. By allowing each team to uniquely define itself, Nexza can more accurately match candidates to specific teams.

What type of candidates can I find on Nexza?

Candidates on Nexza fall into one or more of the following software team roles:

  • Software Engineering (Front-End Development, Back-End Development, etc)
  • Database Engineering and Data Science
  • Project Management and Business Analysis
  • Product Management
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance

Is Nexza really free?

Yes, our core service is currently free for both companies and candidates. Companies can interview and hire candidates at no cost.

If we make a hire, is there a fee?

No, we currently do not have any fees upon hire or otherwise. You can make an unlimited number of hires through Nexza without paying a contingency fee.

Is Nexza a job board?

No, we are quite different. Job boards are essentially an online version of the "want ads" that have existed in newspapers for over a century. The postings on job boards are usually comprised of endless boring text. Nexza is meaningfully better in the following ways:

  • Team Focus - Nexza focuses on the individual software team, not on the company or the job. When software professionals are considering a career change, they want to know about the team they will be joining.
  • Comprehensive - Over time, Nexza will be the comprehensive source of software teams in a given geography. Whereas job boards contain a subset of the software teams in a city, we will provide the complete listing.
  • Immersive - Nexza team profiles leverage photos and videos to tell the team's story.
  • Search by Tech - Nexza has over 1,000 unique tech stack items in our database. Candidates can select their preferred tech and find matching software teams in seconds.
  • DevOps and Processes - Using Nexza, candidates can quickly understand a team's software principles and DevOps tools. Understanding these items is critical to evaluating the potential fit.

How is Nexza better than working with traditional IT recruiting agencies?

Oh, let us count the ways. :-)

  • Cost - When candidates engage with your team on Nexza, you can hire them at no cost. Compare that to paying a fee of 20% of a candidate's first year salary!
  • Candidate Alignment - Since Nexza allows teams to granularly define their tech, processes, and culture, the candidates that engage with employers on Nexza are better aligned. This yields to a higher retention rate of candidates hired through Nexza.
  • Speed - Nexza is continuously adding candidates to its platform. Whereas recruiters can take weeks or sometimes months to fill an open position, you can get connected with candidates immediately on Nexza.

Why can't I see the identity of some candidates on Nexza?

We do not reveal a passive candidate's identity until the candidate agrees to engage with your team. By providing candidates with control over anonymity, we create an environment where passive candidates feel comfortable exploring the job market. This ultimately benefits companies as those passive candidates are highly sought after by companies.

How do I communicate with candidates on Nexza?

Once your team and a candidate agree to connect, Nexza will share the candidate's contact information and you can communicate using your preferred method (email, phone, video conference, smoke signals, etc.) You don't have to funnel your candidate communication through the Nexza platform.

Can I find contractors via Nexza?

Yes. Both full-time and contract candidates leverage the Nexza platform to advance their career.

How much does Nexza cost?

Our core service of enabling candidates to engage with software teams is currently free for both candidates and companies.

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Just shoot us an email at hello@nexza.com We're here to help!

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