How It Works

For Employers.

Nexza helps you find compatible software professionals to join your team. With our platform, you can find candidates across all software team roles including Development, DevOps, Project Management, and Quality Assurance.

Here is how you get the most out of Nexza.

1 Create Your Employer Account

In order for candidates to engage with your team, you first need to create your free employer account.

2 Customize Your Team Profile

Your team profile tells software professionals all about your team. From your detailed tech stack to photos of the Friday happy hours - your team profile conveys your story! The more detailed your profile, the higher it will rank in our search results.

3 Get Matched to Candidates

Once your team profile is complete, Nexza will automatically start matching your team to potential candidates. Your team can search through profiles using multiple filters and connect with the candidates you think might be a good fit.

4 Respond to Candidate Interest

When candidates find your team profile interesting, they simply click the "I'm Interested" button on your profile to let you know. If an interested candidate seems like a potential fit, you can engage the candidate via email or phone.

5 Qualify and Hire

Once you are connected with a candidate, handle candidate qualification just as you normally would. Nexza does not get involved with your process. When you find that perfect candidate, go ahead and make the offer! You don't have to notify us or even keep us in the loop.

6 Pay an Outrageous Fee

Just kidding. Nexza is currently 100% free for companies and candidates.

Find the perfect candidate for your software team.

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