Our Story

Our mission is to help software professionals find the perfect team.

Nexza was founded by software professionals for software professionals.

Our founders have been writing software and building software teams for a couple of decades now. Through that experience, we've come to realize just how difficult it is for companies to find the right software candidates and vice-versa. Far too often, both sides settle for a good fit, instead of a great fit.

After experiencing the problem first-hand, as both candidates and hiring managers, we knew there had to be a better way. We started by examining the pain points closely.

Candidate Pain Points


Candidates can't explore the job market confidentially. If they post a resume or use a recruiting agency, it's just a matter of time before their current manager finds out.


Candidates don't have a comprehensive resource where they can discover, investigate, and engage all compatible software teams in their city.


Candidates using a recruiting agency are limited to the small subset of companies with which the agency has a relationship.


Candidates who are looking for remote work can't easily share their credentials with software teams across the country or globe.

Company Pain Points


Companies have great difficulty engaging with passive candidates. Since those candidates can't explore the job market confidentially, they tend to stay off the market.


Recruiting agencies are exorbitantly expensive. Paying a 20% of salary fee to a recruiting agency always creates a little agita for hiring managers and CEOs.


It's very hard to source talented engineers. Internal recruiters need a multi-faceted approach to candidate acquisition.

Our Solution

Nexza addresses each of the pain points listed above to create a better solution for both candidates and companies.

  • We allow candidates to protect their identity. Passive candidates can hide their identity from all teams except those they explicitly choose to engage. This gives passive candidates a means of confidentially exploring the job market and gives companies access to those highly-desirable candidates.
  • Our core service is free for both sides. This ensures that every company in a city can participate on Nexza and engage with candidates. By removing all barriers for company participation, candidates can use Nexza as a comprehensive source.
  • We never charge companies a contingency fee to hire a candidate. We aren't a recruiting agency. We provide a service that helps software engineers get connected with compatible companies.
  • Candidates can publish their profile for local companies or for distant companies that hire remote workers.

Find a software team that fits like a glove.

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